CURRICULUM Mercè Faus (Inglés)


Therapist Coaching, NLP, Systemic Coaching, Conscious Integrative Breath Therapy and certified by META Escola d’Autoconeixement.

Codependency certified therapist and Healing the Inner Child by Learning Love Institute, for Krishnananda and Amana.

Reiki and meditation teacher, formed Mahenda Tevar.

Naturopath, dietician and nutrition and Holo frequencies.

Also formed in:

Organizational and systemic constellations with Daan van Kampenhout, Geschewend Ilse Maria Colodrón, Juta Ten Herkel, Wilfried Nelles, Stephan Haussner and Marta Campo.

Children’s yoga teachings about death with Jamyang Tashi Dorje bard Rinpoche.


Constellations of disease and health; humanistic psychotherapy, systemic background of the disease, severe symptoms, relationships, closeness, frustrations and difficulties.

Grass and shamanism with Anke Van and Daan Kampenhout.


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