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Formerly us women: mothers, girlfriends, grandmothers, granddaughters, sisters, aunts … we met to share in the intimacy of life experiences all kind of joys and sorrows, dreams and fears, knowledge and learning. These sacred circles were charged with complicity, brotherhood, love, intuition, creativity and healing. This helped healing to heal and enhance the creative energy of the Earth and the women lived in a continuous power of receptivity, openness and sweetness.


Today I invite you to share together (with us and you) impregnes of the mysterious and fascinating experience of Being a Woman

Allow yourself to be who you truly are (yourself) in a magical and powerful weekend in which to experience the self-encounter with your feminine essence through various exercises and Tantric, Taoist and Shamanic rituals.

This workshop is a magnificent opportunity to learn how to focus and to relax from your own center, and from inner space discover and explore places in your body, mind and spirit that you may never knew they existed within.


Healing of Mother Earth begins to heal our own feminine creative energy


Become aware of your inner strength and connect with your personal power.
Awaken your sensuality through the senses.
Free from stagnant emotions that prevent you from living life fully.
Unblock Chakras and Nadis of your body.
Purify your scent and cleanse the aura.
Connect with the joy, passion and dance.
Honor your unconditional love.
Celebrate the union of the feminine in communion with Mother Earth.
Breathing consciously.
Play from the heart and feel your inner peace.
Connect with your inner wisdom.
Let your Goddess becomes creative and sensual.
Learn to trust of your own intuition.
Understanding the energetic functioning of woman´s body
Awareness of your body, emotions and feelings.
Wake up and know your sexual energy.

Celebrates the union of the feminine and connect with joy, love and softness


LEVEL: Beginners.

DATES: 10th and 11th of October 2015.

TIMETABLES: Saturday 10th: From 10h00 to 20h00. Sunday 11th: From 10h00 to 17h00

WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable clothes, yoga mat, meditation cushion or similar (Zafu) and bottle of water.

PLACE: IKS Petersgasse 87 A-8010 GRAZ (AUSTRIA)

INVESTMENT: 300 euros. For the under 25 years old the workshop price is of 250 euros. If you are a student, please contact us by e-mail.

INSCRIPTIONS: by loading an anticipated deposit of 100 euros in the bank account IBAN ES39 0081 0178 6100 0125 5533 SWIFT BSABESBB of Banco de Sabadell, indicationg your full name and in concept of “Women October”. Then contact Amerai and request the inscription form by e-mail or by phone. Beneficiary: Amerai Carrera.

CANCELLATION: in case of the participant cancellation, the payed amount is not refundable but it can be keep as inscription for other workshops.



Tantra facilitator and Conscious Sexuality formed with Charles Muir, as a Certified Tantra Educator and Sexual healing.

Tantra Facilitator and Conscious Sexuality formed with Hari Dass.

Certified by META Escola d’Autoconeixement therapist combining techniques such as NLP, Hypnosis, Gestalt Therapy and Conscious Breathing.

Master in Human Resources: motivational techniques, communication and leadership.

She has also received teachings from other masters as:

Diana and Michael Richardson. Neotantra for couples.
Saul Martinez. Tantra. Yoga.
Anubuddha and Anasha. ARUN Conscious Touch.

Carlos Leon de Wit. Tantra Shaivista Kashmir.

Lamkha Lama. Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.

Jutta Kelleberger. Taoism women.

Tulku Lobsang. Tantra Budista Tantrayana.


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Phone: +43 650 405 4660 (Angelika Roth)

               +34 669 143 706 (Amerai)

Email:  angelika.roth@tele2.at


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